Fully integrated productive unit, designed to build and repair river barges, tugboats and sea vessels.

Its state-of-the-art technology makes Astillero Punta Alvear the most modern shipyard in South America.

In our plant, we use state-of-the-art technology throughout the whole process, which starts with the treatment of steel coils and ends with the launch of the vessel. Operating at its maximum capacity, Astillero Punta Alvear can build up to two dry Hopper type load Jumbo barges a week.


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APA has the capacity to launch up to 2 Jumbo barges a week.

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Are processed annually for the construction of our vessels.


It is the total weight of a JUMBO barge built in the shipyard.


 Producción Astillero Punta Alvear

Our Production Plant has more than 16,000 covered m² and stations for:

  • Reception of Materials – Storeroom
  • Coil Pressing and Cutting
  • Sheet Shot Blasting and Paint
  • Automated Plasma Cut
  • Folder up to 15 m and 1200 tn
  • Automated Welding Equipment
  • MIG/MAG and Submersed Arch
  • 11 Full Size Crane Bridges

Barges for dry and liquid load, each one in their two versions: rake and box.

Jumbo Max Barges.

Port and trunk tug boats.

Fishing boats for the Argentine seas.


Operative Base in Pueblo Esther

180-feet long and 60-feet wide dry-docking, with the chance to upload vessels of up to 12 feet and 1500 tn.

Hoisting equipment from 2 to 67 tn.

We have warehouse, storeroom, and workshop areas and the safety elements necessary to guarantee the work.

  • Drying
  • Replacement of metal sheets
  • Hoisting lines
  • Rudder Blades
  • Propeller
  • Hydro washing
  • Sanding
  • Paint
  • Mechanic work
  • Electricity
  • Boxing


Astillero Punta Alvear 10 años

Astillero Punta Alvear was founded in Alvear, province of Santa Fe in 2009. The authorities chose to build it in an 18-hectare site strategically located on the coast of the Paraná River at Km 406.

In 2010, it started its production activities and it has marked important hallmarks since then:

  • 2011 | First Launch of Box Tank PA 2001 B Barge
  • 2012 | 100 barges were manufactured
  • 2015 | Two port tug boats were completed
  • 2017 | 230 barges were manufactured and the first drying of a barge under repairs was carried out
  • 2018 | The dry repair of 83 barges and two tug boat were completed

Currently, the Shipyard continues with the production of barges and tugboats and has a projection of building vessels 27, 30 and more than 40 meters long. 



Our Offices
  • Av. Rubini S/N (S2126) – Alvear
  • +54 341 3177 300
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