The company has an anonymous and confidential communication channel, managed by an independent third party (KPMG) to report any type of issue.

We are committed to carrying out business ethically and legally in all our operations. This Code of Conduct and Ethical Practices asserts that the company expects all its employees to comply with the highest levels of honesty, integrity, ethical standards and compliance with the laws and to avoid conflicts of interest, whether actual or apparent between their personal and professional affairs.

When is it used?

– Improper use of organizational information.

– Undue appropriation of funds and assets; fictitious transactions or forgery of documentation; bribery and corruption; doctoring of sales commissions; purchases for personal use; false invoices.

– Issues related to the management of staff: nepotism or favoritism; sexual harassment; physical abuse; health and occupational safety.

And upon any situation which might arise.You can call toll free from Argentina to 0800-122-0552 and in Paraguay to 0098-00521-0042.